Our booking systems allows anyone to easily book a desk, a private room or meeting room. Some of our spaces are only available as short or mid term leases which can be booked, by emailing

To book a space go to the location page and choose which venue you want to book, then select the space you want to book and click book. You will then go to our booking system, once there choose the day you want to book, using the calendar function. You will be asked to fill in some very limited personal details if you haven't registered before or asked for your email and password, if you have.

The cost of the booking is stated on the booking page, then confirm the booking.

You will not be asked to pay immediately, instead you will receive an invoice within 24 hours of making the booking from Stripe, our online payment service.

On completion you will receive an email and a text message confirming your booking details.

If you have any questions about booking, please contact